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SAAS Sales Leadership with Dan Dal Degan

Dan Dal Degan

> Former CEO SpringCM
> Former SVP at Salesforce

> Investor / Advisor / Board member

> 30+ years leading SAAS companies


> Duration: 3 Months

> Start Date: Q3 of 2024

> Cadence: Once per week

> Location: Virtual

> Cohort Size: 4


> Mentorship meetings will alternate between cohort learning & 1-1 sessions

Elevate your SAAS sales leadership to unprecedented heights through an exclusive mentorship with Dan Dal Degan.

In this 3 month executive coaching program, you will gain invaluable insights tailored to first-line SAAS Sales Leaders.  You and 3 other leaders will be mentored directly by Dan in weekly meetings. 

The Goal is for you to conquer the specific obstacles that you deal with today. To fast track your personal and professional development.

What should you expect?

Learning in real-time from someone who has seen it all in SAAS sales leadership. Dan's successes become your playbook.  His previous shortcomings become your short-cuts.

Who is this for?

This cohort is designed for a company's highest potential employee(s). Specifically for SAAS sales leaders who are aiming to eventually become VP of Sales/CRO/CEO. 

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