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Andee Harris - Lead GTM without conforming

Andee Harris

> CEO of Challenger
> 3 successful exits

> Advisor / Board member

> 20+ years leading SAAS

> Former Girl Scout Cookie record holder


> Duration: 4 Months

> Start Date: Q3 of 2024

> Cadence: Once per week

> Location: Virtual

> Cohort Size: 4-6


> Mentorship meetings will alternate between cohort learning & 1-1 sessions

What should you expect?

In this 4-month executive coaching program, you will gain insights into:

> Breaking down the silos that hinder your progress

> Unifying Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, and Product to continuously deliver customer values

> Developing your identity as an authentic leader.

The Goal is to help you overcome your current challenges, accelerating your personal and professional growth.


You'll learn in real-time from Andee, a seasoned SAAS leader, drawing from her successes as your playbook and leveraging her past challenges as your shortcuts.

Who is this for?

This program is tailored for ambitious GTM leaders in Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, and Enablement, offering a fast-track to the C-suite for high-potential individuals.

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